“Get an attitude!”

We believe that attitude is everything – in business and in life. We believe that attitudes are the key to both high performance and personal fulfillment. We believe that attitudes are contagious – whether they’re good or bad. We’re in the business of spreading winning attitudes – through companies, organizations and online communities, and we do so through digital interaction.

What are MentalNotes™?

MentalNotes™ are short, actionable pieces of advice that promote positive attitudes. You can use them yourself or share them with others. They’re based on empirical scientific research, tested for efficacy, and curated by our team of academics, clinicians and behavioral scientists.



The basic version of MentalNotes™ offers five channels. The first channel – HOW TO ENGAGE – deals with how and when you can best engage your employees. Each remaining channel features a behavioral tendency shared by highly successful people from all walks of life. Highly successful people have different attitudes than the less successful. These attitudes simply cause them to behave more productively. Just pick the channel that best represents the behavioral tendency that you’re trying to promote.


Attitude is everything – but not just any attitude. There are certain attitudes that influence how people perceive their work environment, how they feel about their job, and – you guessed it – their behavioral tendencies. We’ve discovered the twenty attitudes that matter the most – the ones you’ll want to instill in your team. This is the “secret-sauce” behind MentalNotes™. Each attitude represents a tangible thought that you can easily identify, promote and measure. Attitudes are organized into “mindsets” that reflect to coveted behavioral tendency of the highly successful.
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The feeds offer quick access to MentalNotes™. So what are MentalNotes™? They’re short, actionable advice for spreading positive attitudes. Each MentalNote is designed to help get your team closer to thinking, and – more importantly – behaving like the highly successful. MentalNotes™ are based on empirical scientific research, tested for efficacy, and edited by our team of academics, clinicians and behavioral scientists. The advice works with all forms of human interaction – from face-to-face conversations to long distance text messaging.

MentalNotes™: winning mindsets – one attitude at a time

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