Better communication. Better results.™

We help companies improve leadership communication. In today’s market, effective top-down messaging has to be mobile, it has to be social, and it has to be emotional. The problem is, mobile-social communication is a skill, and so, too, is emotional intelligence (“EQ”). Communicating with mobile, social and emotional intelligence is not an art – it’s become a science, and an absolute necessity for the modern day leader.

What is MentalNotes™?

MentalNotes™ is a Content-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) solution for leadership communication. With MentalNotes™, companies can publish content that is mobile, social, and emotionally compelling.

Motivated Texting

Company Feeds

Your employees consume most of their news, entertainment and social interaction through content feeds appearing on their mobile devices. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or a news site – these feeds give people access to images, videos and links that make the experience more interactive and more engaging. MentalNotes™ creates private company news feeds that do the same thing while allowing you to target specific work groups.
Emotional Intelligence

Mobile-Social EQ™

Our publishing platform puts mobile, social and emotional intelligence (“EQ”) skills at the fingertips of your management team. The platform is based on empirical scientific research into the social, cognitive and behavioral sciences and is designed by our team of psychologists and management consultants. Now, management can make announcements, give direction and recognize performance with the confidence and benefit of Mobile-Social EQ™.
Happy Sad Balls

HERO Score™

Companies have moods, just like people. Mood-states ebb and flow. The Hero Score™ allows you to quickly survey, measure and monitor the mood state of your organization and to target your leadership communication to the needs of the employee base. We believe that leadership communication can and should be measured – that’s the only way it improves. Our analytics platform provides real time metrics and actionable insights, and when combined with the HERO Score™, a system for targeting and tailoring messages to the psychological needs of the organization.